Our Process - CROPPED - DPLIC 76577137_s-2015 Unlike litigation, which looks backward and seeks to assess blame for past injuries, mediation requires you to look forward so you can develop an agreement that resolves key issues such as parenting of your children, child and spousal support, and the distribution of your assets and liabilities.

And, unlike litigation, which encourages you to establish hard positions based on the belief that there is a winner (and loser), mediation is designed to help each of you examine your goals and interests in order to find a solution that works for both of you.

Our role in this process is to help you communicate better, to offer suggestions or ideas of ways to resolve your conflict, to provide you with legal information when needed and to make sure each of you is considering the long-term consequences of your decisions.

And, once an agreement is reached, we can prepare and file all of the legal documents that you will need for either a legal separation or a divorce so you will never have to personally appear in court.

Everything you do is confidential. There is no painful public airing of private matters, no invasion of privacy, and no forced acceptance of terms that may please neither of you.

Instead, the two of you stay fully in control of the process in a private setting where everything that is said remains strictly confidential and the professional assistance is completely impartial.

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