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A Time for Reflection and New Beginnings

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A Time for Reflection and New Beginnings

A Time for Reflection and New Beginnings by Melissa Burns

{1:48 minutes to read} The end of one year and the beginning of another is a time of reflection for many people. We think about the events of the past 12 months and are sometimes compelled to make changes. These changes often involve some sort of improvement to physical health, but some people also use the New Year as an opportunity to make improvements to their emotional well-being.

Mediation is a place where we can ameliorate the negative feelings and emotions that often accompany a separation or divorce.

Mediation is a place where couples can create plans to move forward with their lives in a way that is thoughtful, meaningful, and in alignment with their goals and values.

  • It is a place that provides the opportunity to turn over a new leaf.
  • It is a forward-thinking process where people, though they may not forget, can forgive.
  • It is a place where mutual respect happens.
  • It is a place where “in the best interest of the child” happens.

Getting there is difficult sometimes; we bring our hurt, chagrin, and sadness with us, and our vision of the future can be clouded by these things. But often, a point is reached within a conflict where the fight is no longer worth it.

  • This is where we find compromise.
  • This is where our desire for peace outweighs our desire to “win” the argument.

This is where new beginnings can be seen on the horizon.

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