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Who Will Support You Through Your Divorce?

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Who Will Support You Through Your Divorce?

Who Will Support You Through Your Divorce? by Melissa Burns

{2:18 minutes to read} Divorce is arguably one of the most stressful life events that people can go through. In my article, “The New Reality After Divorce,” I talked about the emotions that can sometimes accompany the divorce process. In particular, the new picture of their lives can be very difficult and scary.

In addition, people often worry about their children and how they will react to a new family arrangement. Taking the time to allow yourself and your children to adjust is a good first step, but sometimes, bringing other professionals into the process can be extremely helpful. Two kinds of professionals that I refer my clients to are mental health and financial professionals.

Mental Health Professionals can help both parents and children with the emotional struggles that may accompany a divorce. They can work with couples together or separately to help them communicate more effectively. They can also work with children who may internalize what they are feeling and need a place to express those feelings in a safe and compassionate environment.

Financial Professionals can help with complicated financial issues if there are a number of assets to be divided. They can offer support and guidance to someone who has never managed the household money; a fairly common situation. Financial experts can also advise on the tax implications of certain decisions and help people plan for the future.

When people feel empowered, they make better decisions. Sometimes, bringing in specialists gives individuals the confidence that they are making good choices.

Divorce can be extremely difficult, and having the right kinds of support can impact the way people get through it. When my clients are struggling, having access to a network of people who can provide specialized support can make all the difference.

Who did you rely on for support while going through a divorce? 

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